When “Bad Voodoo” Is Good!   Leave a comment

Blue Ribbon WarriorsImage by kenne

When “Bad Voodoo” Is Good!

It seems that people in power always use humanity, in the form of fundamental beliefs, principles, shared values, commandments, etc., to control the less powerful. One case in point is that of getting young people to fight an illegal war for the reason of humanity. Meanwhile, the same doctrine is pushed on the remaining citizens as the patriotic thing and therefore provides support to the cause while remaining disconnected from the sufferings of the engaged.

In a recent PBS “Frontline” captured the realities of war in a segment titled, “Bad Voodoo’s War – 2008.

The Wall Street Journal — Nancy deWolf Smith

“… What kind of person can face months of such danger,
day in and day out? Only the brave, undoubtedly.
Beyond that, it is difficult to say much more specifically
about the men of Bad Voodoo Platoon. Of its 30-something
members, only two have been chosen to speak at length here.
What they have to say is disturbing on many levels. …”

You can see it online.

— kenne

Posted April 21, 2008 by kenneturner in Peace & War

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