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Summer is a great time of year, offering opportunities to take vacations, long weekends for hobbies and just catching up on special projects — in general a break from the routine.  As with all good things, they have a downside and for the summertime the break from the routine means we often don’t have time for our friends.

So, I was delighted to see a friendly face on the cover of this week’s The Villager, Kuyk Logan.  Kuyk has had a long career in communications, teaching and newspaper business, which included fourteen years with the Houston Post. However, I was not aware of his interest in printing until he and wife Dianne hosted a Montgomery County Literary Arts Council event in my honor.  Kuyk printed up special napkins for the occasion.

Kuyk’s interest in letterpress printing has been a part of who he is since a child. Some people are fortunate to gain valuable life skills by experiencing their hands working with the ordinary. Over time we learn what it is to be real. Congratulations Kuyk on being one of those people.



Posted August 8, 2008 by kenneturner in Friends, MCLAC

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  1. “Some people are fortunate to gain valuable life skills by experiencing their hands working with the ordinary.”

    Just read an interesting related article in the NY Times on the importance of skilled manual labor http://www.nytimes.com/2008/08/17/technology/17ping.html?th&emc=th



  2. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    It is with heartfelt sadness that I reblog this posting of almost six years ago share the passing of friend Kuyk Logan. Yes, there was “Ink In His Blood,” but what really flowed in his veins was love. This great communicator will be missed, most of all by his dear wife and our close friend, Dianne.


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