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White Winged Dove On A ‘Nest’ Of Saguaro Buds   4 comments

Whitewing Dove (1 of 1) Nest of Saguaro Blossoms blog framedThis White Winged dove stands among a bouquet of Saguaro buds. Image by kenne

Migrating each year
To the Sonoran desert
For cactus nectar.

She awaits blossoms
Soon to open with nectar
In the night darkness.

Nearby cactus bloom,
But she waits among the buds
To open this night.

First serving the bats
She takes her turn each morning
In the warming sun.

— kenne

Our Visitors Are Still Coming Through Tucson   2 comments

Vultures & Sunsets

The turkey vulture numbers are fewer each day, but the continue migrating to places north. This mornings count was 52. — Images by kenne

Vultures & Sunsets

Vultures & Sunsets

Vultures & Sunsets

Vultures & Sunsets


We Have A Place For Ugly Birds   16 comments

Turkey Vultures March 2013

Turkey Vultures March 2013

Turkey Vultures March 2013

Turkey Vultures March 2013

Turkey Vultures March 2013

Turkey Vultures March 2013Turkey Vultures — Images by kenne


Art from Mary A Livingston’s book, “No Place for Ugly Birds”

We Have A Place For Ugly Birds

During our first fall in Tanuri Ridge (three years ago), I noticed large birds circling above
landing near the Tanque Verde wash to the south of us. Not knowing much about birds,
but my association with naturalist friends has resulted in a mark improvement,
I thought the birds were hawks — even writing a poem (Hawks Circle) and posting it on this blog.

Since then, I have learned more about these beautiful birds
(ugly is beautiful — in the eye of the beholder, you know),
having spent time counting and photographing the birds along the Tanque Verde wash.

However, when it comes to observing and keeping a record of the fall and spring migrations,
I bow to the official Tanuri Ridge turkey vulture counter, Larry Conyers.
He tries to get a count each morning and late afternoon,
and I fill in for him when business takes him away.

The vulture count only takes in the  Tanuri Ridge property along the Tanque Verde wash.
There are hundreds more in the Tucson Country Club
(another place for ugly birds) on the south side of the wash from us,
which is why most of our street names begin with “Country Club Vista.”

Hundreds of vultures pass through our part of the Catalina foothills each spring and fall.
Maybe Larry and I need to start having our own “ugly bird” festival next fall, at first for Tanuri Ridge residents,
later opening it to birder friends — who knows!

Yes, we are a place for ugly birds — Tanuri Ridge!



In The Dark Of Night   1 comment

Turkey Vultures March 2013“In The Dark Of The Night” — Image by kenne

Roosting high in the
trees of death,
they rest
overnight —
a long journey,
places far south.

Before sunset,
we watched them 
circle above Tunuri,
following the path
of generations,
driven by a seventh sense.

Numbers we count
at dusk and dawn,
only to ponder
why the numbers vary —
best guess,
a factor of distance.

Not the only
carion-eating animal,
these majestic birds
are maligned
as a symbol,

Born of the 
new world,
don’t call them
buzzard —
let us see,
horaltic pose.


Turkey Vultures March 2013“Horaltic Pose” –Image by kenne

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Capturing The Moment — Migrating Turkey Vultures   5 comments


Return of The Migrating Turkey Vultures — Image by kenne      

Early signs the annual fall migration of turkey vultures has begun. One of the stopping-off places for roosting over night are dead trees along the Tanque Verde wash. These big birds head south for the warmer winter climates of Mexico.

(A 10-Word Poem)



on the dead

turn south


near by.



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