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Greater Roadrunner — Listen!   1 comment

Greater Roadrunner-Edit-1-art-Edit-1-72Greater Roadrunner Photo-Artistry by kenne

The gravel verge bears a walker:
I hear chewing of shredded wheat.
Birds call from dawn to sundown:
tedious mourning dove blues, 
cactus wren’s grinding starter,
darting quail high notes: Uh-huh-Uh huh,
Hey-you! alert – the thrasher arrives.
Our homes hum tones tiny to tremendous; 
stretched and still in darkness,
I seek their source, finding some
in the pestling of brain, bones, molars.
Attending too, to unfulfilled utterances:
hesitations, head dips, hand flutters,
the staccato of unsettled eyes and breath:
these voiceless notes of soul speak
of love or loss or the deep water strokes
of living without answers. 
Listen! poem (c)2020 Deborah Chappa
(Used by Permission)

We Struggle Together   1 comment

We Stroggle Together-72We Struggle Together — Photo-Artistry by kenne

“listen to the clock
listen, to time, listen
to rattler’s warning maracas
listen, like the culebra, with
your tongues:
listen like rocks
listen to snow
hear it: hear it, mi gente, all
of it—hear the hate when its splashes,
the love when it weeps
listen to the rail lines ringing
listen to the cymbal sizzle of weeds,
the grito of wind
cutting around locked gates, palomas,
rummy wino’s holy Halsted cough

— from the poem Listen by Luis Alberto Urrea

Listen To What You See   1 comment

Romero PoolsImage by kenne 

“Listen to what you see
You are blind to what you hear
Listen to what you see
Do not fear the truth beneath
Reach for roots beneath the trees
Listen to the words you seek
Don’t listen to a word they say
Do NOT listen to a word you’ve heard
Do not listen to a word you’ve heard
People are people we live for our own
Live how you think not by what you’ve been told. . .” 

Justin Nozuka – Don’t Listen to a Word You’ve Heard

“. . . listen like saguaros listening to cactus wrens”   1 comment

7 Falls (1 of 1) sepia blogSonoran Desert Moonscape — Image by kenne

. . . listen like a mountain

listen like saguaros listening

to cactus wrens, coyotes, night

owl: listen like the owl

listen like the owl’s prey

jittery in rocks beneath bighorn’s

clocking feet: listen to the clock

listen to time, listen

to rattler’s warning maracas

listen, like the culebra, with

your tongues . . .


carnales listen

to the hymn of it, the lie of it, the

prayer of it, the voices

singing our names: listen

it’s our story, it’s our song,

you’ve got to hear it — 


— from Listen, by Luis Alberto Urrea

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