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Capturing The Moment — Barrel Cactus Blossoms   10 comments

Barrel Cactus Blossoms — Images by kenne

There are always flowers for those who want to see them. 

— Henri Matisse 

Capturing The Moment — A Fall Surprise   4 comments

Barrel Cactus Blossom — Image by kenne

In this dry fall, I was surprised to find this fresh blossom on a barrel cactus.


Capturing The Moment — Fallen Barrel Cactus   Leave a comment

Barrel Cactus — Image taken along the Esperero Trail in the Santa Catalina mountains by kenne

This is a common site in the Sonoran Desert. Mature barrel cactus can grow to over three feet and weigh several hundred pounds. They do take on a lot of water, but that they have a shallow root system and tend to lean toward the should can result in the leaning weight become too much for the root system to hold it upright. 


A Nurse Tree By Any Other Name   2 comments

A Young Saguaro Cactus Has A Barrel Cactus As A Nurse Tree — Image by kenne

The Sonoran desert is the home of saguaro cacti. Often, for young saguaros to survive they are located near another faster growing tree that shelters the slower growing plant by providing shade, shelter from the wind and sun, or protection from animals that may feed on the young plant. Such a plant is called a nurse tree. In the Sonoran desert, such trees are usually Palo Verde, Ironwood or mesquite trees, which explains why young saguaros are often seen near trees. It is therefore unusual that a young saguaro would have a barrel cactus as its nurse tree. Let’s hope this quirk of nature works for both, since both will be competing for resources, possibly hastening the death of the young slow growing saguaro.


Saguaro Cactus That Have Out-Lived Their Nurse Tree — Image by kenne

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