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A great poem to start the day. — kenne

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May that apparent calm called scepticism
never riddle my heart.
Let me escape
from the numbness of cynicism
from the impartiality of shrugged shoulders.
Let me believe always in life
let me believe always
in infinite possibilities.
Deceive me, song of the sirens
confer a gleam of naivety!
Epidermis, never resemble
a frozen implacable hide.
Let me always cry
for impossible dreams
for forbidden loves
for girlish fantasies
torn into pieces.
Let me escape from straight-jacketed realism.
Safeguard these songs on my lips,
may they be numerous,
and replete with chords.
To sing away the threat of silent times.

~ Raquel Lanceros (SPAİN, 1973) 

Raquel Lanceros, a notable figure in contemporary Spanish poetry, she studied French and English literature. She has published six
books of poetry by some of the most noteworthy publishing houses of her country. Some of her books were published
in Colombia, Argentina, Mexico…

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  1. Great share!

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  2. Lorca-like, which is a good thing.

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