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A Storyteller Figurine by Ethel Marie Shields – Acoma Pueblo Artist (Passed away on October 16, 2021 at age 95.)

“We would load all the pottery into a wagon and drive to the main road between Grants and Albuquerque
[Route 66]; that was before it was paved. We would sit there at a roadside stand and sell the pottery to
people driving by.”

— Ethel talking about selling pottery with her mother in the early 1940s

When Mud Woman Begins


down my arm
through this clay
forming into
spirit shapes

of men

and children
I have seen
somewhere before.


surging upward
as I mix
this mud
like my mother

as her mother did
with small
brown feet.

Folding into this earth

a decision of
joyful play,
transcending expectations
of fear

or perfection.

Creating spirits

calling invitations
of celebration.
What occurs
in completed form,

and bold,
is motion
from our mother’s skin.

I smile

momentarily satisfied
with my play.
generated from star colors
far from home,

through my feet
blessing my hands
and opening my heart.

— from From Mud Woman, Poems from the Clay by Nora Naranjo-Morse

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  1. This is a museum quality piece .I would prominently display it .If you are not comfortable with doing that,place the piece where it will be appreciated .


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