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Human individuality is the source of all human reality. The individual is the source of all significance, all meaning and value, and all that is known and constructed by man.

Becoming is Superior to Being

Aspen Trail -- 10-22-12Fall Colors at Sky Valley On Mt. Lemmon — Image by kenne

The nature of man
is to be eternally making himself
and determining what he is,
in fact and in mind.

In thought and action,
one is continually interpreting experience
and integrating his interpretations
into a total constellation.

Each moment of continuous experience
changes the constellation.
And if one is alienated from his flowing experience,
his identity is lost.

It is impossible to know oneself
and for all,
for one is never present
once and for all.

— Clinton R. Meek, Beyond Individuality

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Posted December 4, 2021 by kenneturner in Information

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