No Classes In Sabino Canyon   5 comments

Kids at Sabino Dam-72Overlooking the Sabino Dam — Image by kenne

Sabino Canyon Recreation Area is a great place for children to be, but in this age of
coronavirus schools are closed meaning no field trips. Children and adult programs
offered by Sabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalists are now canceled untiled next October.
Like all communities around the globe, we are dealing with a new normal.

— kenne 

5 responses to “No Classes In Sabino Canyon

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  1. Stay healthy!

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  2. It has to be right now I guess but it seems so sad to see the world shut down like this. Fresh air is good for the soul…as long as no one else is around.

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  3. Kenne, I sure hope we will be able to offer our summer Public Interpretation activities like hikes, storytime, etc.

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