Preparing To Raft Down The Tuichi River In Madidi National Park   3 comments

On The Road In Madidi-31-72.jpgOne of the two balsa wood rafts arrives.

BoliviaUnloading the SUV before saying goodbye to our driver. He would return to Rurrenabaque.

On The Road In Madidi-34-72.jpgPedro begins securing the raft chairs.

BoliviaThe Tacana use strips of bamboo bark to tie down the chairs.


BoliviaPedro acknowledges their success.
His helper has a large wad of Cocoa leaves in his mouth, not tobacco.
This is a common practice.

On The Road In Madidi-41-72.jpgI have placed my backpack with cameras and lenses on one of the rafts
as we wait the arrival of our supply boat as the sun gets lower in the west.

On The Road In Madidi-43-72.jpgThe supply boat finally arrives with camping supplies and additional helpers.
In addition to our guide, Pedro, there will be four helpers for the four of us — talk about caring for us.

BoliviaWe prepare to leave on the balsa rafts.
Tom and the supply boat will depart after our luggage is loaded,
passing us along the way so to begin setting up camp for the night.

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  1. What a wonderful adventure!

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