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The sentence I hear most from well-meaning, conservative friends since President Trump’s election is this: “We suffered 8 years under Barack Obama.”

Fair enough. Let’s take a look.

The day Obama took office, the Dow closed at 7,949 points. Eight years later, the Dow had almost tripled.

General Motors and Chrysler were on the brink of bankruptcy, with Ford not far behind, and their failure, along with their supply chains, would have meant the loss of millions of jobs. Obama pushed through a controversial, $8o billion bailout to save the car industry. The U.S. car industry survived, started making money again, and the entire $80 billion was paid back, with interest.

While we remain vulnerable to lone-wolf attacks, no foreign terrorist organization has successfully executed a mass attack here since 9/11.

Obama ordered the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden.

He drew down the number…

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Posted August 28, 2019 by kenneturner in Information

3 responses to “8 years of suffering under Barack Obama

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  1. It’s fascinating. I can understand right wing skepticism regarding Obama’s policies. I ddn’t like all of them myself, and I know Republicans are going to be against a lot of progressive economic policies, but the one thing I don’t understand is this narrative that says Obama trashed the economy, that he caused great suffering, etc. I just don’t see how any sane person, Republican or otherwise, can maintain that. It’s beyond stupid and thoroughly dishonest. I really think those pushing the theme know better themselves.

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  2. When people are racially prejudiced and corrupt on the inside, it is a very arduous task to get that “inside” to change into something unbiased, intelligent, compassionate, and open-minded.

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  3. I’d take the Obama years back in a heartbeat . . .

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