The Window of Yesterdays   5 comments

bunk house boots in window (1 of 1)-2-art-72“Window of Yesterdays” — Photo-Artistry by kenne

The Window Of Yesterdays

Like Cinderella’s
Glass slipper

Only one shoe
Had the right fit.

In life’s early years
It took time
For the right fit —
Trying on
Many different shoes
Before the music
Brought us together.

Slipped into you

Tying you
To my body –

Only you
Could get so close.

Have walked

Many miles
Not always in step
But at the start of each day
You were there.

Supported each step
Through the good times
When we danced together
And the bad times
When the music stopped.

Over the years
I knew
Where we were going
You knew
Where we had been
As our
Have now worn thin —
Held together by twin
Only now expressing
The secret face
Of our enter selves.

Having been seduced
By a lover’s
Darkest kiss
No longer laced together —
Merely to be left behind
In the window
Of yesterdays
Kissed only
By tomorrow’s sun.

— kenne

5 responses to “The Window of Yesterdays

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  1. Truly beautiful! I enjoyed the metaphors

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  2. Thank you.


  3. Kenne, I loved the start of the poem. Telling the story of longterm love is always difficult, but then the poem seemed to turn, and I felt sad. Should I have? Poetry can sometimes cut to into the soul and leave it in tatters. Don’t answer if the answer feels uncomfortable. I like it when you write poetry.


  4. I often use my photography and photo-artistry as a source for what I write, stylistic use of metaphors if you will. And metaphors mislead as well as persuade. I don’t know anything about the people who once lived in the abanded bunkhouse, therefore what I see and write about is my manner of being. The window, like a face, is only a mask for what lies behind it. The image becomes a metaphorical vehicle taking one into a mythical world, or does it?

    Your comments are always most appreciated — Thank you very much.


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