Green Grasshopper ( Omocestus viridulus)   4 comments

Mt Lemmon Photo ShootGreen Grasshopper (Omocestus viridulus) — Image by kenne

“Life is a journey
grasshopper. It’s to be
experienced. Judging
others is a symptom of
being dissatisfied with
your own life.”

4 responses to “Green Grasshopper ( Omocestus viridulus)

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  1. That is an amazing image


  2. My father was certainly overly judgemental because of inner self-dissatisfaction. For many years i was overly non-judgmental with many people and i was burned and taken advantage of too many times. I feel that there has to be a balance, an intelligent balance. The zebra who gives the lion a second-chance isn’t a zebra for very long.

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  3. I have worked most of my life trying to reduce my natural tendency to be judgemental. I have been somewhat successful with family and friends, but remain judgemental on the rest of the fucking world. Need I say more?


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