Understanding Global Warming for Nonbelievers   5 comments

Sunsets 12-06-15-9804_blogImage by kenne

Insolation Controls in the Age of Anthropocene
(Understanding Global Warming for Nonbelievers)

newly coined
unknown to
joe the Plumber
a new human
argued as
only to be
on the invalid
alignment of
maxima and minima
questioning the new
of our condition

— kenne

5 responses to “Understanding Global Warming for Nonbelievers

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  1. Yes!
    As Cummings has written:
    A world of made is not a world of born.


  2. I can’t help wondering whether non-believers understand why the last ice-age happened better than believers do. Or if either of them knows what the climate was like before it came along……. presumably that climate before the last ice-age is the ‘normal’ one we ought to be aiming for. If anyone knows what that was. Someday I hope someone will explain to me what I have to believe in to be a believer in climate change, or global warming. I believe absolutely in both, but I suspect I still qualify somehow as a non-believer.


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