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This year we are sharing Christmas with James and Jill in 80 degree Houston area weather, rather than snow on Mt. Lemmon. This Christmas day morning is 72 degrees in Kingwood, 40 degrees in Tucson with rain showers. Mt. Lemmon is 20 degrees with snow showers. Have a very Merry Christmas wherever you are! — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

James & Jill 2013-9258 blogMost people don’t come to the desert to see snow, they come here to get away from it. But when you are a five-year-old boy living on the Texas gulf coast and have never been in snow, why not.

So, on the first day of Jill;s and James’ visit, we headed up Catalina highway to Mt. Lemmon.

James & Jill 2013-9255 blog

At seven thousand feet, James kept asking, “Where’s the snow?” “I don’t see any snow!” We had stopped at Windy Point Vista for James to get his “mountain-feet.” A short distance beyond Windy Point Vista we started to see snow in shady along the highway and signs that James just might become a believer — Yes, James, there is snow on Mt. Lemmon.

James & Jill 2013-9263 blogThis all being a new experience, James carefully picks up pieces of snow near the Ski Valley parking lot to toss.

James & Jill -9275 blogIt didn’t take James long to get the gist…

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Posted December 25, 2016 by kenneturner in Information

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  1. Enjoy Christmas Day, even if it doesn’t really look nor feel like it down there in Houston,


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