Guiding Hikers On The Bug Springs Trail   1 comment

Bug Springs 2012Panorama View Toward Catalina Highway  from Bug Springs Trail Ridgetop– Image by kenne

Bug Springs

You leave the trailhead
leading five others
turning left at the fork
until a half-mile out
your realize you have
taken the Green Mountain
trail, not the Bug Springs trail.

You discuss the options
with your fellow hikers,
proceed on, or turn back
to the fork — this was
suppose to be the
Bug Springs Friday hike,
so we turned back.

Out of a sense of modesty,
not wanting to avoid the truth,
you explain that an abundance
of life’s distractions
have dulled your focus.
Because of your wrong turn
you suggest it was just a warmup

as you start the steep climb
up the maintain trail.
To pace the climb
you stop to point out
the manzanitas scrubs
with their twisting branches
of burnished red bark

covered with spring blooms.
It was not many years ago
you were learning about
the manzanitas, whose
name literally means
little apple after its
bright red berries.

Manzanita (1 of 1) Little Apple blogManzanita, español for “little apple” — Image by kenne

Reaching the ridge top
you point a panorama
finger toward the valley
below moving up along
the lower ridges following
the many back and forth
turns of the Catalina highway.

The trail winds down
as the vegetation changes
a few spring flowers
line the trail, you keep
a cautious eye out for
occasional mountain bikers
who favor Bug Springs.

— kenne

Bug Springs  Fall 2012One of the many inspiring views from the Bug Springs trail. — Image by kenne

One response to “Guiding Hikers On The Bug Springs Trail

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  1. Your hikes always deliver a smile, kenne…


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