One Of My Favorite Birds   2 comments

Greater Roadrunner (1 of 1)-4 blogGreater Roadrunner — Image by kenne

This is the thirteenth posting on this crazy adorable bird. The largest cuckoo, the Greater Roadrunner is characterized by a long tail, streaked appearance, frequently erected shaggy crest, and a blue and orange bare patch of skin behind the eyes.

A speedster, this cuckoo is capable of running rapidly across the ground (15 mph) and only occasionally flies. Like all cuckoos, the Roadrunner is a zygodactyl bird (it has 2 toes pointing forward and 2 toes backward).

Hardly a day goes by without seeing one in the Sonoran desert. A predator, but unlike in the cartoons the Roadrunner is prey to the coyote.


2 responses to “One Of My Favorite Birds

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  1. Beautiful photo. Never too many roadrunners!


  2. Nice species profile!


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