The Naturalist — The Man In The White Shirt   6 comments

Ralph Mersiowsky Sabino Canyon March 27, 2014-1492 II blog

Ralph Mersiowsky Sabino Canyon March 27, 2014-1492 blog I

Ralph Mersiowsky Sabino Canyon March 27, 2014-1491 blogSabino Canyon Volunteer Naturalist, Ralph Mersiowsky Recently Passed Away In Tucson
—  March 27, 2014 by Images by kenne

The Man In The White Shirt

Everyone who walked with
Ralph Mersiowsky
can share many stories about
the man in the white shirt.

During my naturalists training
I observed naturalists
teaching children,
each with his/her
naturalists vest
covered with badges
and many pockets
full of rocks,
minerals, seeds and pictures.

Of the naturalists
with whom I have walked,
from which I learned and
shared knowledge of nature,
Ralph will always be
the man in the white shirt.

For three years
I have spent
Thursday mornings with
elementary school children and
the man in the white shirt.

He has a star
above the canyon
that will always shine
on the hundreds of children
who are closer to nature
because of Ralph Mersiowsky,
the man in the white shirt —
a big-hearted, gentle man.

— kenne 

6 responses to “The Naturalist — The Man In The White Shirt

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  1. Kenne,

    As I was helping my mom go thru my Dad’s emails this morning, we found many touching responses to my Dad’s passing that meant very much to us. Your email, poem, blog and pictures of my Dad were particularly touching. He loved being a part of SCVN with all of his heart. Many visits to Tucson with my own children included him giving them naturalist lessons about the canyon and everything that lives within it. My children couldn’t wait to go to the canyon with their Granpop, it was always a highlight of our visits!
    We have enjoyed over the years all of the emails that my Dad forwarded to us from SCVN with pictures and information regarding the canyon. Dad was so proud to be a part of the organization.
    Thank you very much for the kind words you posted about my Dad. The world will not be the same without my Dad and it is certainly better because
    The Man in the White Shirt was in it.

    With many thanks,

    Karen Magnoni


  2. What a special guy and a special poem to pay tribute to him. I have many fond memories of him that I will treasure. Thanks, Terry


  3. Ralph was my brother in law for 48 years. My sister is his wife .I agree the world was a better place with him in it. He will be sorely missed. What a nice tribute this is to him. Thank you.


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