A Brother Lost   10 comments

Brother at Sunrise (1 of 1) blog framedBrother at Sunrise — Image by kenne

A Brother Lost

Now that it’s daylight at five,
I am awakened by the
Soft sounds of morning doves,

Delaying for a moment
My feet hitting the floor —
Just long enough

To think about my brother
Who no longer writes, 
Calls or returns mine. 

There’s no reason.
He has never needed
A reason to not call — 

For him,
calls need a reason, 
even made up ones —

Sharing a quote,
Name now forgotten,
Need to reach out.

Now lost in the northwest,
Imprisoned by his mind,
Lacking courage to create.

Now each day, I live with
Words no longer spoken,
Words no longer written.

— kenne 

10 responses to “A Brother Lost

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  1. Kenne, very touching. Thank you for sharing. I lost my brother when he was only 39. He died from congestive heart failure. It seems your brother is lost in not remembering, you, however, will always remember. May your memories bring you comfort.


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  2. Great post…..


  3. I feel deeply touched by your words, Kenne.


  4. Those who are living with love locked away in another’s mind will find this hauntingly beautiful. I know I did.


  5. Keep trying to find him . . .


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