Capturing The Moment — Desert Scene   2 comments

Grassland-9860 blogDesert Scene — Image by kenne

A Place of peace !

The desert place in its original form,
is not a mere heaps of sands,
but it depicts various images of life,
its presence is either human’s willpower
nor absence is a war against the enemy,
but this power takes different forms.
For me desert means
a place of peace,
where human and animals
dwells lives harmoniously;
In all cases,
the desert is a platform ,
whether a life threat
or a life drought ,
and it has it’s own different
shapes and sounds !

—  Williamsji Maveli

2 responses to “Capturing The Moment — Desert Scene

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  1. You can get lost in this photograph, Kenne. The framing of the photo, not the frame itself, has an intimate feel, as if you could walk into the scene and smell the cacti.


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