January Signs Of Spring In The Sonoran Desert   4 comments

Flower Creaso-9649 blogCreosote Bush

Saguaro Cactus-9683 blogMexican Poppy

Saguaro Cactus-9685 blogFairy Duster — Images by kenne

Desert Dances

Dormant desert awakes.

She drinks deep, stretches, sighs
exhales fragrant blossoms
on her warm, pregnant breath.
Her soft, supple sagebrushed
sparkling curves adorned with
splashes of pink, white phlox
and sprays of desert peach

invite you to tumble
down her snowy mountains
to abandon yourself
to wildflower wanders
to soothe in her hot springs
to rejoice in salty
waters of turquoise lakes.

Desert dances await.

— Gwendolyn Alley

4 responses to “January Signs Of Spring In The Sonoran Desert

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  1. It was 15 below zero at 7:00 a.m. this morning, colder before that. How wonderful to see the desert blooming! The poem is great. Seeing the desert bloom is an experience that is so startling that it always took me aback when suddenly it happened. I used to go out and watch the ravens and the color against the brown and grays of the desert and feel so alive. Thanks for the memory Kenne.


    • My teenage and young adult years were in the Chicago area, so I’ve had a taste of cold weather, but not a cold as where you are now. I know you must missed New Mexico. Try to stay warm!


  2. Thanks for a touch of spring. Here in Ohio it was 13 below last night so we are indeed ready for springtime.


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