Capturing The Moment — A Flycatcher That Prefers Berries   6 comments

Female Phainopepla-1333 blogFemale Phainopepla — Image by kenne

There She Was

There she was,
Gazing at me
Wondering why
I look so funny.

There she was,
On her perch
An ocotillo branch
Sharing the gray.

There she was
A little red
In her eye
Continuing to gaze.

There she was
As I wonder why
The ocotillo
Not mesquite.

There she was
Flycatcher by name
Preferring the berries
Of desert mistletoe.

There she was
Not gazing at me
Turning her eye
To mistletoe berries.

There she was
In the desert winter
No insects
For this flycatcher.

There she was
Where there are
Berries abundant
For a misnamed bird.

There she was
Until the days
Grew hot
In the desert sun.

Now she’s gone
To the mountains
In search of a
New berry source.

— kenne

6 responses to “Capturing The Moment — A Flycatcher That Prefers Berries

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  1. She is so beautiful! I’ve never see a bird like her before. So pretty. The picture is wonderful and so is your poem:)


  2. Great poem Ken,and wonderful poem


  3. I like the repetition in the poem. You are simply wonderful as a photographer. They flycatcher on ocotillo! Isn’t that interesting?


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