Abandoned Desert Ranch House — Building The Myth   5 comments

Milagrosa Loop-9083 blog

Milagrosa Loop-9039 blogAbandoned Desert Ranch House — Images by kenne

This abandoned ranch house has a beautiful desert view off the La Milagrosa Canyon trail near the entrance to the canyon. One expects abandoned structures to have a story, but my brief research found none. Looks like a good opportunity for myth-building to share with hikers on the La Milagrosa Canyon trail.

The sign says, No Trespassing,
Placed just off the trail —

Who’s inside that house?

Only partially boarded up,
A face inside is watching us –

Who’s inside that house?

Faces on the trail look for answers,
Hoping to see movement –

Who’s inside that house?

The look of a mythical place,
Everything is waiting –

Who’s inside that house?

A breath of decay,
the darkness breathes –

Who’s inside that house?

Once a breath of desire,
now lost to the desert spirits –

Who’s inside that house?

Listen to the spirits
in this land of light –

Who’s inside that house?

Answers are in the canyon wind,
robbing nature of her myth –

Who’s inside that house?

She stands on the canyon rim,
Listen to her song in the wind –

now you know the answers.

— kenne

5 responses to “Abandoned Desert Ranch House — Building The Myth

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  1. any chance of a closer look at the building itself.. what a tease u r..


  2. Lovely, but wayyyyyy to desolate for me. I would also like to see a closer view:) Interesting.


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