Look At What The Morning Brings   7 comments

Mexican Bird of ParadiceMexican Bird of Paradise– Image by kenne

Look at what the morning brings

the sun rising over the mountains

bringing life back from death

towering stalks holding buds

above the desert’s dry rocky soil

soon blossoming in yellow and red

the beautiful Mexican Bird of Paradise.


7 responses to “Look At What The Morning Brings

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  1. Beautiful.


  2. These plant are now beginning to bloom and will continue to do so well into the fall — Thanks.


  3. De-light-ful!:)


  4. Wow! Nature’s color combinations sometimes surprise me. Wish these beauties were outside my door.


  5. One of my favorite desert flowers and needs very little water.


  6. I just re-did my backyard landscape and incorporated these Mexican Bird of Paradise flowers into the design. I also live in Tucson and found a local company to install my Tucson sod for me. They did a great job installing the grass, I definitely wanted to leave that part for the professionals. Here’s their site – http://evergreenturf.com/ – Once they had the grass installed I just finished up with the flowers and some decorative pots. It came out really nice, I’m ready to spend the entire summer in my backyard swimming in the pool!


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