Capturing The Moment — Blues At Sunset   5 comments

Patio Flowers & SunsetImages by kenne

When we are home on Saturday evening, we watch the sun gone down and listen to Marty Kool’s “Blues Review” on KXCI — one of my favorite ways to enjoy life. This short video will give you a feel for what I’m writing about. You will also notice the running water sound coming from the fountain on the patio — another sound I love. If you are curious, the music in the background is Andy Poxon doing “Please Come Home.”



5 responses to “Capturing The Moment — Blues At Sunset

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  1. 😃 Så vakkert


  2. The sounds of water are very soothing to me. We often camped along a mountain stream and the sound would lull me to sleep. Also enjoy the sound of rain on a tin roof for a nighttime sleep aid. Enjoyed the video!


  3. Glad you found it enjoyable.


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