Capturing The Moment — Space Shuttle Endeavour Tucson Flyover   15 comments

A year ago May, Mark Kelly command the last flight of Space Shuttle EndeavourNASA had space shuttle Endeavour Tucson flyover to honor former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords‘ hometown on its way from Texas to a California museum where it will be displayed. Read more:


Space Shuttle Endeavour’s Tucson Flyover Was Almost Directly Over Our House.

It was 11:15 a.m., so some shots were almost directly into the sun.

Coming in from the east and heading south after passing over above.

Heading south over central Tucson.

Diffidently better images at right angles to the sun.

Images by kenne

15 responses to “Capturing The Moment — Space Shuttle Endeavour Tucson Flyover

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  1. Very cool Dad!


    • I should have been better prepared, but I only knew the time of the flyover with know idea of where it would be and there it wat over my head. Since the flyover started near the northeast Catalinas, my guess is that Gabbie and Mark live in this general area.


  2. Great photos!!! I missed it….. didn’t know about until it was too late!!!!


    • Alaxa,

      I’m so thankful I was able to watch for it. It came over the Rincons, heading west just south of Sabino Canyon, turning south over the Tanque Verde wash heading for the U of A campus. I was able to catch some shots of the last shuttle flight, ever.


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  4. Incredible! So glad you got to be witness to such a awesome sight.


  5. These are just wonderful, thanks for sharing……:)


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    these shots are just wonderful


  7. ]Wow, what a moment for you, Keene! Just to be there to see it fly over would have been awesome, but to have the honor to get the great shots of it, that much better!!

    I plan on sharing this on my Facebook page. I haven’t been blogging much lately, research has been sucking up my online time for the most part. So, a share it will be. I have more than a few friends and aquaintences that are fans of all things ‘space’ related. Some are even almost fanatically involved mentally and emotionally! My self included (well close anyway). I believe we can not be alone in the vastness of all there is.


  8. For those of us who can actually remember the beginnings of the space programme, this last flyover was met with mixed emotions. Your superb photos remind me once again how the world should be making a concerted and joint effort to “reach for the stars”…


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    It was just a little one four years ago that the space shuttle Endeavor flew over Tucson (literally over our neighborhood) to honor Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly. — kenne


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