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Source: Bob Lucas Facebook Page


Those who follow my blog may not believe this, but I do work at improving my grammar and spelling — like I even get daily email’s from Daily Writing Tips. Still, at this elderly age, I remain what educators refer to as a “low potential, high achiever” student. My goal is to learn something new each day — a continuous process of improving.

When I was much younger I would become embarrassed when the Grammar Nazis would correct me. But, in time I learned that there is a positive side of embarrassment — now I urge corrective feedback.

Mistakes open the door to creativity,  just don’t let your pride get in the way.


(Dedicated to brother, Thomas R. Turner.)

Grammar Nazi

4 responses to “Cartoon du jour — Grammar Nazi

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  1. I also know I’ve won the debate when the other person starts correcting my grammar and punctuation.


  2. This was loads of fun, Keene, thank you! I shared the post on my Facebook page. Sometimes I applaud the Grammar Nazis because bad usage can irritate. I have however managed to practice tollerance and would not resort to violence, no matter how badly I wished. So, I enjoyed the video, herein, as it allowed me to live vicariously through the wielder of the instrument of justice so well applied. Again, I thank you!

    I do, however, like to give into the “redneckish” streak that struggles to emerge on occasion, and just plain let loose with all the bad grammar that lurks in my “inner self”. But, for some reason when plying the written word, I can’t let loose. My brain is not bent that way. Help! I need release! The Grammar Nazi is holding me hostage and I am in anguish born of ridgid adherence to propriety! Help meeeeee!!!


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  4. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    The other day I asked Joy how to spell a word since spell check wasn’t helping me. The problem was I was mispronouncing the word, something I frequently do, which doesn’t make it easy living in a world of Grammar Nazis. — kenne


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