Arn’t You Glad The Rains Came?   2 comments

“What did we do before the monsoon rains?” — The Sonoran Desert Toad, Arizona’s Largest Toad

Images by kenne

Thanks to recent rains, there’s now water running in Sabino Creek and over the dam. New life is in evidence everywhere, and the lake above the dam has become a toad playground.

I wonder what Jeremiah is smoking?Jeremiah was a bullfrog, he was a good friend of mine” — all toads are frogs, did you know that?


2 responses to “Arn’t You Glad The Rains Came?

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  1. I am delighted to share with you my nomination for One Lovely Blog Award…please see my site for details.


  2. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    Currently, access to Sabino Canyon remains restricted because of the Bighorn Fire. However, since we had close to two inches of rain last week, I’m guessing the Sonoran Desert Toads came out as pictured in this posting from eight years ago. — kenne


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