Capturing The Moment — Magnolia Morning   3 comments

“Magnolia Morning” In The Catalina Foothills — Image by kenne

This morning inspiration came from my friend, artist Nancy Parsons. On Tuesday she posted “Magnolia Memory.” Yesterday she posted the same painting with her sister,  “Magnolia Minuet.”

While having a cup of coffee on the patio, I visited her site. Her beautiful magnolia blossom appeared on the screen as I gazed over the laptop at a magnolia tree I planted this spring. Was this karma, or what?

I went inside to get my camera, taking several images. The above image is the result of Nancy’s inspiration. 

Here’s a link to Nancy’s posting:


3 responses to “Capturing The Moment — Magnolia Morning

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  1. Wow, another magnificent Magnolia…they’re everywhere!!! Great minds…thus proving we’re all connected. Thanks for the PR, Kenne. What a gorgeous photo.


  2. I rally like the texture of the background! Nice work


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