Nancy Harrington — A Fighter for the Abused and Underserved   4 comments

Nancy Harrington — Rotary Club of Conroe Guest Presenter, 2009 — Image by Beth Bolack

We were sadden to learn this morning of the death of a Montgomery County leader in providing services for  women and families. I am privileged and honored to have known Nancy and worked with her in various community service activities. I first became aware of Nancy’s Women’s Center leadership when Joy was a hot-line volunteer in the early days of the Montgomery County Women’s Center. Click here to learn more about her sudden death.




4 responses to “Nancy Harrington — A Fighter for the Abused and Underserved

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  1. Keene, I sorry to hear about Nancy Harrington. The world has to few unselfish souls as she is said to have been. Blessed be the truly kind hearted, and the champions of those that suffer. She is the one being sheltered now, as she lived to shelter others.


  2. Keene, I worked side by side with Nancy. Aside from being the champion of abused women and children, she was a friend and treated me with the upmost professional respect. Her vision was big and her heart was bigger. She will be missed! God is certainly sheltering her in his loving arms.
    Mary Ann Reiff


  3. My wife Dr. Janet Mullings worked with Nancy at the Women’s Center. They were good friends. I also had the privilege of meeting Nancy. Janet spoke often of her and her amazing enrgy level and kind consideration for all associated with the Center. Janet is traveling in China and will be shocked and sadenned to learn of Nancy’s death. All our prayers go to Nancy and her family.


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