Tucson, 53 Weeks Out   Leave a comment

Kenne, Kika & Joy, June 21, 2010

Looking back, I’m not sure which one of us may have experienced the most anxiety. One might think it would be the cat (Kika), but Joy would probably argue that point. We had arrived in Tucson 36 hours before the moving van, so after unpacking the cars, we headed over to the Windmill Suites in St. Phillips Plaza for the night.

You might ask, why 53 weeks out rather than one year — I miscalculated, thinking we had arrived on the 28th rather than the 21st. Regardless, a lot has happen in the last 53 weeks, so much so it could be a short story. When all things are considered, we have done a lot to create a new home with the basics of life — friends, acquaintances and the circles of connectivity. Looking back, it amazes us how what we have been able to accomplish in 53 weeks — if only we had more visitors.

We are now looking forward to year two in the desert southwest, which will include more settling in contrasted with more traveling. The following poem is titled “Birthday,” but could have very easily been titled, “Life.”

Turned around,
Here am I.
Knowing how,
Not the why.

Young in heart
Old in age.
Feeling the itch,
Pacing the cage.

Inner peace,
Knowing the thou.
Learning to write
Thesis of now.

Turned around,
Found love.
Living the moment,
Free as a dove.

Still learning,
When to talk.
Listening for,
Beat of the walk.

Reality is now,
Truth in the heart.
Singing the knowledge,
Requiem to smart.

Turned around,
Found beauty in art.
Traveling the future,
With Dylan and Descartes.


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