Capturing the Moment — Velvet Nude, 1968   3 comments

Velvet Nude

In the company of Elvis and Jesus
Sharing the velvet boom years
More than a recognizable profile
Not meant to depict an actual person

Reflections of elegant simplicity
Nude, on blue satin
Classic reclining style
Engagingly staring away

Not a Magritte, Nor a Picasso
A Japanese artist’s
Signature painting
Unfamiliar by name

Swept away by her allure
Taking a prominent place
In our sparsely furnish
Fatima village two flat

Traveling with us
From the China Sea
Always finding a place
Central to our being

Over the years
She never changed
Let, her importance
Began to diminish

A victim of new attractions
And changing attitudes
Her black velvet lost to our
False sense of maturity

Stored away among
The relics of our past
Only to be resurrected
By our aging memories

On display in our gallery
Of  framed memories
Where we leave and return
As neighbors sneak a peep

— kenne

3 responses to “Capturing the Moment — Velvet Nude, 1968

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  1. Always loved “Nudey Judy”…she looked good hanging over the fireplace with a spotlight on her. Is she actually hanging up somewhere in your new home….or did she end up in the garage or attic?


  2. . . . the gallery I refer to in the poem is the garage, which is my place for photos, posters and art that we just don’t have room for in the house. I didn’t realize how many framed pieces we have till packing for the move. The other house had more wall space, plus some items just don’t go well here. I prefer to hang them in the garage rather than store them. I will share a photo of the garage gallery soon.


  3. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    While stationed in Okinawa in the late 60s, we returned to the states with this velvet painting. Mary Ann named her “Nudy Judy.” I don’t recall why, maybe because it rhymed. — kenne


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