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Lummi Island & Vancover_Tom & Kenne_0333 B-W blogDuring our trip to Seattle for Lisa’ and Mike’s wedding on Lummi Island, we were able to spend some brief moments with brother Tom. It’s never been easy for anyone to figure out the Turner boys, let alone one to the other. In some ways, however, if you know one of us, then you know the other. We are very much alike, but selectively taking some similarities to an extreme (by choice and/or personality), which appear to be different.

Lummi Island & Vancover_Tom Wedding Dinner_0338 B-W blogThis entry is about my brother, therefore it’s about me. I have attached a video, which for the first time utilizes my skills (to the extent they are) in photography, video and photo software and writing. Regardless of the skill level, it represents an expression of love.


(The video can be enlarged by clicking on HD at the top right and the four arrows in the the lower right corner.)

Posted October 15, 2009 by kenneturner in Art, Family, Life, Photography, Poetry

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7 responses to “For Crying Out Loud

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  1. Beautiful!! Simply beautiful!!


  2. indeed, I agree with what mary says, beautiful!
    keep on writting K!


  3. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    This expression of love is for my brother, but the message applies to all.



  4. Absolutely beautiful.
    I has a sailboat once upon a time….when I lived in Hawaii.
    I realy miss sitting out on the water, watching the sunset.
    Love the words and the video, reflecting and gazing out to sea.


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