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28maslin_190BOOK GIVING

For more years than I can recall, I have given books to family members as if it were a form of contrition for all the books I wish I had read – call it a form of “book credit.”  This year will be no exception, however, I have learned that this annual selection process may have more benefit to the giver than the receiver.  Although I read more books than ever before, I still can’t read everything I would like, so I supplement this deficiency by reading reviews and discussions on the Internet.

Tops on my weekly list of Internet reading is the NY Times Sunday Book Review and this time of year includes “100 Notable Books of 2008.” As with most years, I have not yet read any on the list, but one year into the 2007 list, I can acknowledge having read some on it, thanks in large part to being a member of the “Society of the 5th Cave.” This group of the “non-discriminating bourgeoisie” ensures my reading some books I would not normally read, especially those in the fiction category.


((Image by Tony Cenicola/The New York Times)

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